Prologue (ENG)

“come with me, I’m sure you’re gonna like it”, a small town in the middle of a forest, not too
small but people know each other, and they who don’t, talk about others, small shops
around the one main road, which goes up the hill, down the hill and around the hill, the
main road starts at the round-about, which has a giant female-sign in the middle,
continuing uptown towards the sky, on left there is a market place, which most of the time
is empty but on Sundays there’s a van selling coffee and cinnamon buns and from
Tuesday to Thursday serves as a meeting point for many young aspiring human beings,
not only because it’s a wonderful pokémon go spot but also because one can easily park
his or her moped there, “what are you doing here alone, you’re so beautiful, you should
belong to me, you know I’m going to offer you everything you want”
, on right there is the
only café of the town, where workers have their morning coffee at 7 o’clock and where the
best bread and shittiest pies are to be found, moving along the road one passes a pay-what-
you-want-flower store, where one leaves money in a post box and takes a plant
home, a pharmacy, a closed bank, a pub, a tattoo place, a pub, a social insurance office, a
pub, a hotel, a supermarket, a supermarket, a closed school, a youth center, a playground,
a church, trees, trees, birches, woods, pines, trees, woods, walking up the road, which has
lights which turn off after 10, youngsters drive past on their mopeds, they are heard before
seen, sometimes a canary bird “I can make you happy, YOU CAN MAKE ME HAPPY; ooh
your skin is so soft, so bright, come with me, you’re going to be rich, don’t trust him, he’s
not good for you”
yellow sports car is seen, a tractor is parked outside of one pub and a
young lady steps out from it, wearing a LRD, little red dress, with spaghetti straps and
12cm heels in black with golden rhinestones, she enters “I can offer you more, YOU CAN
the pub, hangs her black leather jacket on the wall and proceeds to
order a beer, a small beer, a Bear beer, because it’s cheaper that way, while her friends
are gambling at the machine, they get three lemons and win six euros, one of them joins
the girl and orders a lemonade with a twist which means a shot of tabasco, “what’s wrong,
don’t look away sweetheart, look at me, please, look at me, I’m good”
, they talk and drink
and watch Swedish crime series from the three tactically placed TV-screens, there are
empty dirty glasses on the counter and empty clean glasses hanging down from the
ceiling, the bartender is a bit older woman with blond hair and glasses, which she often lifts
on the top of her head and forgets they’re there, she wears black T-shirts with bands on
them, tonight it was Black Sabbath, an older man is sitting at the counter, eating his kebab plate
but leaving the onion rings untouched, ordering extra ketchup, he has a white beard
and a blue cap that says “I’m better than him, you know you can trust me, what have you
done with your hair”
North Karelia in big white capital letters, one of the seams from his
jacket is ripped and his shoes are muddy, he orders a beer, a small beer, a Bear beer,
because it’s cheaper that way, his back is turned to the pool table, where a couple is
playing, they don’t know the rules exactly and make their own while they play, she has her
dark hair on ponytail and she lime green rubber boots, pony tries to hit the ball but fails
and tries again, she’s careful with the cue stick, not to knock down the half empty Bear
beer glasses on the small counter besides the pool table, while they play “it smells so
good, don’t go away, come with me, please, come with me”
, they glance every now and
then the Swedish crime series from one of the tactically placed screens.

Vilja Mihalovsky | Choreographer | Performer