Funding Applications

On this page I will share my funding applications that have gone through, i.e. the “successful ones” (not that there are so many yet). I want to believe that doing this could shed a bit of light to the mystery which I call the different funding systems.

Up until now, I have experience only with the German and Finnish systems, and I have to say, they are already different in the ways they are working. It’s hard to pin-point what it is exactly, but maybe I will figure it out in the future. What is the same in both, though, is that there are way more applicants than there is money.

But here –without any particular order– some applications. Some are in English, some in Finnish, some even in both. I will slowly upload more. Be free to read and leaf through. If you wish to do the same, and share your own, I strongly recommend it. I think it’s good for others in the same situation to see what has been considered as a “good” application by the (mysterious) juries. If you’d like to share yours, but can’t or don’t want to do it yourself, you can contact me and I will be more than happy to publish yours here (anonymously or not).

Vilja Mihalovsky | Choreographer | Performer