the truth & other stories

he wasn't the most interesting person and often sat under the wind.
            she was one of those people who make others feel important.
her empty memories consist of people, places and times she has
            seen but doesn't recognize.

                              and there we are.
                              you, me, her and him, us and them.
                              and one of us is telling a story everyone already knows.
                              but everyone listens anyway.

                                                                                                                                 this is a story from me to you.

Combining text and movement the truth & other stories is walking on a
cold, heavy day, dealing with death from an auto-fictional perspective.
Through caressing memories, the piece looks into how to let go.

the truth & other stories
Choreography & performance: Vilja Mihalovsky
Sound: Felix R├Âmer
Technical help: Maximilian Stelzl, Nikola Pieper, Simone Gisela Weber
Outside eye: Tomi Paasonen
Production: Hochschul├╝bergreifendes Zentrum Tanz
Premiere 19.9.2019 Uferstudios, Berlin

Vilja Mihalovsky | Choreographer | Performer