touchme touchme touchme

“Italians were less comfortable with being touched than Russians, while overall Finns were the most comfortable with being touched.“

–PNAS; Topography of social touching depends on emotional bonds between humans

Picture: Elise Malmivirta

Touchme touchme touchme explores touch and different kind of touching; what is considered to be acceptable in our background and culture. The piece does not set any definite pictures or underline any specific kind of touch but invites the audience to experience the world of touch and to make their own interpretations about it’s meanings — to figure out their own relationship with their bodies and boundaries.

touchme touchme touchme
Choreography & dance: Vilja Mihalovsky & Ninni Tuovila
Music: Shirley Brown, ORKA
Sound editing: Niklas Piispala

Premiered: Lohjan Kesä Tanssii, Lohja (FI), 20.8.2016
Filmed: Korjuufest, Outokumpu (FI), 2.9.2016

Vilja Mihalovsky | Choreographer | Performer